Ambulance Service / Emergencies

If you need an ambulance call: (24 hour emergency response)

Knight Support Emergency Services

Telephone: +255 22 276 0087-9

Mobile: +255 (0) 754 777 100
+255 (0) 784 565 911

Gardaworld Security Company

Telephone: +255 22 266 7722 / +255 22 266 7552

Mobile: +255 (0) 713 123 911 / +255 (0) 753 123 911

Control Room: +255 789 558 073 / + 255 (0) 686 694 588

Dar es Salaam Flying Doctors

P.O.BOX 65413

Telephone: +255 22 5503833

Fax: +255 222700162

Mobile No: +255 (0) 787 747 464

The Aga Khan Hospital, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Ocean Road
Dar es Salaam

Telephone: +255 22 211 5151/53

Accident & Emergency Department

At the Accident and Emergency department we provide comprehensive, evidence based and high-quality emergency care to all our patients 24/7.

We provide emergency care to patients of all age groups who have developed an acute condition or suffered from an injury. As best practice we use a priority (Triage) system where the most seriously ill patients are seen first for provision of prompt care to those who need it most.

Our Emergency Department is staffed by a multidisciplinary team specialized in basic and advanced cardiac life support, Paediatric advanced life support and acute trauma care. The team includes:

  • Emergency Specialists (Highly trained doctors who specialize in acute care diagnosis and management for all age groups of patients paediatric to elderly) 24hours a day
  • Resident Medical officers and Nurses with emergency and critical care training
  • Health attendants and Porters

How it works

Triage (Sorting/ Prioritizing patients)
When a patient first arrives at the emergency department, a triage nurse (a specialist emergency department nurse) assesses the nature and severity of the condition by asking questions and taking vital signs. On the basis of this initial assessment the patient is categorized to a specific triage level and managed accordingly.

  • Critically ill patients are seen and managed immediately in the resuscitation area
  • All patients are seen by appropriate healthcare professional based on their triage level

The care provided is based on best practices and standardised national and international protocols including: Chest pain, acute stroke, Sepsis and acute trauma. The facility includes access to high end investigative modalities like CT scan, MRI, and Angiography etc. The facility is also geared for emergency ventilator care, dialysis and surgery.

The care plan is determined by the initial evaluation, the point of care investigations and prior medical records accessible through centralized medical records system. In case of Urgent specialist consultation requirement, the emergency specialists are able to engage and call the relevant specialists for their evaluation and input.

After initial management and reassessment the patient may be:

  • Admitted to the relevant inpatient services and level of care for further management this may include ICU/ NICU, Cath lab, Theatre (emergency surgery), Ward – Private or general.
  • Discharged to follow up with the specific outpatient service.

Accident and Emergency Department
The Aga Khan Hospital
Ocean Road
Dar es Salaam
Telephone: +255 22 211 5151 / 53