Primary Care

Family Medicine Clinic

Family medicine and primary care is designed to treat and prevent the most common illnesses and diseases. A family medicine specialist leads this clinic with four resident medical officers and hospital nursing staff.

Family Planning Clinic

The Clinic offers consultant advice, with nursing staff, free provision of core family planning products (in conjunction with the Tanzanian government) and stocks products not provided by the Ministry of Health.

Casualty Department and Ambulance Service

The Casualty Department and Ambulance Service ensure that critically ill patients receive high quality care immediately. The Hospital is equipped to respond to a whole range of emergencies including, stabilizing heart problems, managing trauma, addressing advanced cases of malaria and infectious diseases.

It has two resuscitation bays for critically ill patients, six observation beds and a procedure room for surgical emergencies. The ambulance service is managed by Knight Support Emergency Services, Ultimate Security, and Aurora Ambulance, offering 24 hour emergency response with fully equipped ambulances and trained paramedic staff.
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Dental Clinic

This clinic, staffed and managed by three full-time dentists, dental assistants and a visiting specialist, offers comprehensive services including:

  • Dental radiology
  • Consultation
  • Implantology
  • Surgical
  • Restorative and conservative procedures
  • Prosthetic and orthodontic care.

Health Assessment Services

The Hospital offers health assessment services to organizations. Employees are provided with health education information through the Family Medicine Department and undergo a medical check-up, ensuring medical conditions are detected early.