Information for Patients

Admission Guide

Patients may be admitted anytime throughout the day or night including public holidays.

Emergency Cases

Medical staff attend to emergency cases immediately and can admit patients at any time. Treatment is given first priority in the Emergency Room. Medication can be collected at the Outpatient Department (OPD) Counter. The patient is responsible for making payment before discharge.

What to bring?

  • Address and telephone book;
  • Bedroom slippers, nightgown, brush/comb, cosmetics;
  • Reading material;
  • Spectacles, contact lenses or dentures.

What not to bring?

  • Electrical appliances (excluding electric shavers);
  • Television set and Video Cassette Recorder;
  • Pillows and blankets;
  • Personal medication;
  • Cash, jewellery or valuables;
  • Home cooked food or fruits;
  • Other personal items;
  • Weapons.

Corporate Patients

Certain companies have credit arrangements with the Hospital. Depending on their policy, employees may be required to bring a letter of undertaking clearly indicating the recommended ward facilities. In cases of emergency, it can be submitted the following day.

Self Paying Patients

Self paying patients can obtain an estimate for cost of treatment from the Hospital Billing Department. Depending on the length of stay, patients are required to place a deposit (usually estimated cost of treatment). The deposit is payable in cash, at the time of admission.

Telephone and Food Coupons

Private room patients have a bedside telephone. Local calls are facilitated by the operator and automatically billed to the room. Food coupons and telephone charges are managed at the telephone counter.

Hospital Visiting Hours

General Wards: 1530 - 1730hrs / 2000 - 2100hrs
Private Ward: Monday - Saturday: 0900 - 2100hrs
Sunday: 1000 - 1100hrs


Only parents are allowed to visit the newborn to minimise risks of infection.

A family member or guardian is allowed to stay with patients at all times unless otherwise indicated by the consulting physician or nurse in-charge. The individual is advised to discuss the patient's condition and care requirements with nursing personnel, prior to providing any patient-related care.

Visitor Courtesies

  • Children below 12 are not allowed in patient areas. Patients can meet their children in the Hospital courtyard;
  • During medical, nursing visits or housekeeping hours, visitors may be requested to leave the patient's room;
  • In certain medical conditions, visits may be restricted to ensure patients have adequate rest;
  • Patients can choose not to receive visitors by informing the Reception Desk or nurse-in-charge;
  • Visitors are welcome to use the hospital's public facilities but are requested to respect and care for the property and not spit, smoke, chew paan or litter.