Private Wing

The private wing has three comfortably furnished private rooms complete with adjustable bed, telephone, LCD television with DSTV connection, air conditioning, en suite accommodation, personal balcony and kitchenette. The facility offers an elegant, modern and appealing ambience for the patient in search of high quality medical care.

Acute Care Unit

The Acute Care Unit is staffed by nurses trained in critical care and professionals including a full-time anaesthetist, and is equipped for critically ill patients in need of:

  • Machines to support a vital system (ventilator, dialysis or pacemaker);
  • Continuous monitoring (cardiac infarction or chest pain cases);
  • Severe metabolic or electrolyte disorder care;
  • Heavy or specialised nursing (tracheotomy or comatose patients).

Specialised facilities include:

  • Life-support machines (ventilators, cardiac monitors capable of measuring 12-channel ECG, oxygen saturation and blood pressure, and body temperature monitor);
  • Infusion pumps for precise administration of special drugs;
  • Emergency medical and surgical supplies (defibrillators, oxygen unit, suction machine and other supplies required in an emergency situation).

The unit is managed by a physician, resident anaesthesiologist and supported by specialists and nurses specialised in intensive care.

General Ward

The general ward has 32 beds for both medical and surgical patients.

Paediatric Unit

The Paediatric unit consists of 14 beds, in a bright, spacious and airy ward with dedicated washrooms for parents, boys and girls. The ward overlooks a play park and lovely gardens.

Operating Theatres

The Hospital has two operating theatres, a main theatre for all major and non-infectious cases and a theatre for minor operations. The theatres are equipped with ventilators, a diathermy machine to stop bleeding and a computerised autoclave machine for instrument sterilisation.