Facts at a Glance

Modern Facilities

The Hospital has invested heavily in a modern and extensive range of high-quality equipment to meet specialised needs. It has:

  • A bright, airy and spacious Paediatric wing with access to a play park;
  • A 3-bed Acute Care unit with up-to-date monitoring and respiratory facilities;
  • A modern Obstetrics & Gynecology wing;
  • A 3-bed private wing;
  • Spacious and modern surgical and medical wards;
  • Two operating theatres;
  • An Imaging department with colour Doppler scanning, echocardiograms, CT scanners with angiograms and non-vascular interventions, all manned by fully qualified professionals;
  • A modern laboratory with high-tech equipment and manned by professional staff;
  • A well-equipped Physiotherapy unit with short wave diathermy, pack heater and ultrasound;
  • 24-hour pharmacy services;
  • A Haemodialysis unit;
  • Mortuary facility with prayer / viewing room and embalming service.

Patient-Centered Care

The Hospital is proud to announce the introduction of haemodialysis and endoscopy, as part of continuous improvement of services:

  • In-patient Services;
  • Consultant Clinics;
  • Maternity Services, Ante-natal and Well Baby Clinics;
  • Well Women's Clinic;
  • Hypertension and Diabetic Clinic;
  • Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic;
  • Executive Clinic;
  • Gynaecology;
  • Psychiatry;
  • Asthma;
  • Comprehensive Care Clinic;
  • Gastroenterology clinic.

International Standards and Working Practices

The Hospital is internationally recognised in its delivery of quality medical care. It maintains these rigorous standards by:

  • Pursuing international standards of best practice, conducting weekly medical education sessions for doctors, nurses and allied health professionals, carrying out clinical audits, observing quality improvement and patient safety protocols, conducting regular mortality and morbidity reviews; credentialing and privileging staff, observing clinical practice guidelines, ensuring facility management and safety, ensuring appropriate infection control measures, ensuring effective and efficient assessment and care of patients, and advocating patient and family education and rights.
  • Monitoring adherence to best practice processes through tools such as patient satisfaction surveys, rigorous complaints handling, proactive waiting time monitoring, and measuring selected clinical and managerial indicators against set benchmarks.
  • Ensuring ethical staff work practices.