Women's Services

The Hospital has a comprehensive Maternity unit staffed by two obstetrician-gynaecologists, supported by midwives and registered nurses, who handle normal to complex procedures. The labour room is fitted with foetal monitoring equipment, modern delivery beds and baby resuscitaires. The maternity ward is designed to provide a calm, friendly environment, and features a father's waiting area facing the beautifully landscaped lawns.

The well-equipped neonatal unit caters to both healthy newborns and babies with difficulties that may arise after birth. All babies are examined by a paediatrician. The first doses of necessary immunisation are also given to the babies before discharge.

The Hospital offers a fixed, reasonably priced maternity package for both normal and caesarean section delivery, which incorporates antenatal clinics, diagnostic procedures, including ultrasound, delivery and post-natal follow-up care for mothers.

Patients can also have a normal delivery or caesarean section performed by their private obstetricians at the Hospital.

Delivery by Private Obstetrician

For patients who would like to have their babies delivered at the Hospital under the care of their private doctor, the hospital bill is charged separately from the doctor's fees.

Post-Natal Care

  • Post-natal care of the mother up to six weeks after delivery
  • Family planning and consultation for six weeks after delivery

A Gynecology clinic is run once a week. A Well Women's Clinic is operated on the basis of bookings and offers screening for cancer through pap smears and mammograms along with other services.