Patient Education

A guide to your care

The staff wants patients to be satisfied with the care and services the Hospital provides. Patients should take a few minutes to read the information in this section. This section offers information that can make a patient's stay more comfortable and stress-free.

Should questions arise, patients should contact the nurse and/or another member of the staff. The staff will ensure the appropriate person is available to answer questions.

Out-patient Guide

Upon visiting the hospital, a patient will be required to pick a ticket that helps to provide services on a first-come, first-served basis. At the reception desk, staff will guide patients through patient services and provide advice according to needs. The triage is the first clinical contact point where vitals are taken before consulting the doctor (Senior House Officer). Following a consultation, the doctor will refer patients to the relevant diagnostic department (laboratory, radiology or to the pharmacy). If the case requires admission, the nurse will assist a patient in the admission process, which is conducted by patient services. The Hospital has a dedicated team of consultants who provide an easily accessible and friendly service to patients should they require specialized services.

Admission Guide

Patients may be admitted anytime throughout the day or night including public holidays.

For non-emergency cases, arrangement for admission is made during a patient's appointment with the doctor at one of the Hospital's Specialist Clinics. In cases of emergency, admission is arranged with the Accident and Emergency department. Documents needed at the time of admission for patients covered by any scheme include a letter of authorisation / undertaking from a health care provider, national identification papers and a medical benefit form.

If a patient has any valuable item at the time of admission, the patient is advised to contact the ward nurse to keep these items safely or to arrange to have the items sent home.

Financial information

For cash paying patients, a deposit is required on admission which needs to be topped up in line with the actual bill. All bills must be settled in full by discharge.

The Hospital accepts all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, JCB, American Express and Senator Cards.

Certain companies have credit arrangements with the hospital. Depending on their policy, employees may be required to bring a letter of undertaking or have their names checked against the database provided by the company. Some companies require that their patients present their employment card at the time of admission. For cash paying patients, a deposit is required on admission which needs to be topped up in line with actual billing. All bills must be settled in full by discharge.

National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) Rebate

The Hospital accepts National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) Cards and covers contributors, their spouses and children between the ages of 11 days and 18 years. The NHIF rebate is Kshs.1,800 per day for bed charges. If eligible for NHIF rebate, patients are advised to claim on discharge. To claim this benefit per person, per day on the patients' behalf, the following documents are required:

  • Valid NHIF Card duly stamped up to the current month;
  • Certificate of Contributions Paid (CCP);
  • Two copies of contributor's and patient's National Identity Card;
  • Two sets of completed and signed NHIF 8 and NHIF 24 (if the patient is a child) Forms.

For more information, please contact:

Front Office
The Aga Khan Hospital, Mombasa
Telephone: +254 41 222 7710 - 5
Fax: +254 41 231 3278
E-mail: Send a message

Discharge Documents

Discharge Summary: Prepared by the attending doctor, the summary also indicates the patient's next appointment.

Discharge drugs: To be collected from the in-patient pharmacy to be taken at home and will be included in the in-patient bill.

Once the doctor has decided to discharge a patient, he/she will issue a discharge summary after finishing all ward rounds. The patient file will then be sent to pharmacy for preparation of discharge drugs. The pharmacy then alerts the discharge desk which prepares the financial discharge. This procedure normally takes two hours for all relevant documents to be put in order. Patients are requested to obtain a release permit at the discharge desk.

Consent Forms

Patients under the care of Hospital Resident Medical Officers who need specialized medical care require consent obtained before being referred to a consultant. If the patient is too ill or needs emergency admission, the consultant will be called to see the patient without prior permission. A consent form is to be filled before all major procedures or operations.

Private Doctors Payments

The Hospital may collect payment on behalf of the admitting private doctor overseeing treatment. Credit controller and patient services manager will assist when needed.

The Aga Khan Hospital, Mombasa Policy

The Hospital Patient Representative (Medical Director) is available to mediate between patients, their families and hospital staff if necessary. Patients are welcome to discuss the quality of hospital care.

In line with the Hospital's values, the staff is committed to respecting the rights of patients. Research shows that patients who understand their rights and corresponding responsibilities are more likely to be satisfied with hospital stay. Patients should take the time to read the patients' Rights and Responsibilities statement below:

  • Patients and staff should assist in keeping the hospital quiet and clean;
  • Patients are encouraged to enquire about management of their condition;
  • Medical records remain the property of the hospital, but patients are welcome to enquire about test results or examinations;
  • Smoking and alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the premises. For the sake of patients' health and consideration for others, the patient and their visitors are requested not to smoke in the hospital;
  • Linen should not be brought into the hospital;
  • Patients' visitors are normally not permitted to stay overnight unless the sister in-charge provides authorisation.

Patients Rights And Expectations

  • All patients have a right to quality care;
  • Patients have the right to obtain information from their physicians concerning their diagnosis, treatment and prognosis including the right to choose whether or not to accept treatment;
  • Hospital staff will maintain patients' confidentiality;
  • Patients are encouraged to evaluate the care provided while they are at the hospital through patient questionnaires.

Complaints and Compliments

The Hospital graciously welcomes patients to make suggestions or raise issues and concerns at any point during their stay. The sister in-charge or client relations officer will be pleased to assist.

Please contact customer care through:
Customer Care department
Tel: +254 714 524948/ 738 526 805