Information for Nurses and Midwives

Nursing at the Prince Aly Khan Hospital, Mumbai

The Hospital's Nursing Department is committed to providing effective and efficient care to meet the needs of its patients. It delivers a high standard of patient care that is intended to exceed the expectations of patients, families and the local community. Nurses are trained on a regular basis to cope with technological advances and societal complexities.

Professional Development

Training of nurses is a regular and on-going activity. The Hospital conducts an in-depth analysis to identify relevant, immediate and remote training needs required for its nurses.

As part of the Hospital's Nursing Professional Development Programme, every nurse receives ongoing skills development and attends seminars, lectures and workshops. The Hospital also develops Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) modules in medicare reforms, patients' rights, access to healthcare, protection for nurses and precautionary measures within the Hospital.

The Matron

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