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The Aga Khan Hospital, Mombasa offers primary, secondary and some tertiary level care in the Coastal Region of Kenya. With Level 5 SafeCare accreditation, we lay focus on quality and patient safety, offering emergency care 24 hours daily in the main hospital. We are celebrating over 75 years, having started off as a dispensary in 1944. We continue to expand in order to improve access and cater for the increasing health needs of the communities.


The Aga Khan Health Service in Kenya is dedicated to providing quality patient care with special attention to access, affordability, clinical excellence, patient safety for the communities it serves.


The Aga Hospital in Mombasa, features:

  • A resident medical delivery model through a team of well-qualified and sessional consultants. The patient-centred model I supported by robust diagnostic services manned by highly qualified staff.
  • High quality services as evidenced by international quality accreditation, which includes IISO 9001:2015 by Bureaus Veritas International 9BVQI, ISO 15189 by the South African National Accreditation System (SANAS), HACCP and HALAL Certification.
  • A seamless referral service for patients requiring tertiary services at Aga Khan University Hospital, both in Nairobi, Kenya and Karachi, Pakistan.
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Sohail Ally Baloch

Chief Executive Officer, Aga Khan Hospital, Mombasa

The Aga Khan Hospital, Mombasa (AKHM) Cluster has its main hospital (82 beds) in Mombasa and a network of 10 Outreach Health Centres (OHCs) spread out in the counties in the Coast region. The hub and spoke model has helped us meet our key objectives of affordability and accessibility by bringing services closer to the care recipients with the added feature of differentiation by cost.

We were among the first group of healthcare facilities that complied with SafeCare Healthcare standards and were awarded the highest Hospital level 5 certification, both for the main hospital and 6 (out of 10) Outreach Health Centres. We also hold South African National Accreditation System (SANAS) accreditation for our main Laboratory, following International Standards 15189:2012, the only SANAS accredited Hospital Laboratory in the Coast region.

As part of AKDN, we are committed to the Net Zero agenda via the Environment and Climate Change Initiative by adopting alternative methods to reduce carbon emissions and adopting off-setting measures, like Mangrove reforestation, to achieve our Net Zero target by 2030.

We are grateful to our leadership and all stakeholders for their assistance and cooperation, and the trust and confidence they have in us, enabling us to serve our communities better.

Heads of Departments

Dr. Abdihakin Mohamed

Head of Surgery

Dr. Abdulaziz AKHS

Dr. Abdulaziz Ahmed

Head of Pathology

Dr. Denis Achulu

Head of Radiology

Dr. Pratik Dhake

Head of Dental


Dr. Karen Mbaya

Head of Anaesthesia

Dr. Sophia Asaria


Aga Khan Hospital, Mombasa Attachment

Dr. Mwanaisha Hatimy

Head of Paediatrics

Dr. Rukiya Ali

Head of Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Head of Medicine Dr. Swaleh Misfar

Dr. Swaleh Misfar

Head of Internal Medicine

Accident & Emergency Services (A&E)

The A&E operates to fully cater for emergency and urgent health needs. Run by a team of well trained nurses, medical doctors and specialists, the services offered cover both the paediatric and adult population and in all disciplines. We handle trauma and life threatening medical and surgical emergencies.

Contact: Emergency hotline: +254 714 524 948
Telephone: +254 (41) 505 1000/ +254 (41) 216 1000

Address: Vanga Road, off Likoni Road
P.O.Box: 83013 Code: 80100 Mombasa

Acute Abdominal and Urologic Emergencies

Cardiac Emergencies

Infectious Diseases & Toxicological Emergencies

Medical Beds

Metabolic and Endocrine Emergencies

Neurological Emergencies

Paediatric Emergencies

Pregnancy and Obstetrics Emergencies

Respiratory Emergencies

Resuscitation Services


Patient Care Facilities

Private Wards

Our Private Wards offer a nurturing medical environment intended as a ”healing get-away” for patients and their families.

Medical Wards

Nine (9) fully medically equipped rooms, shared by two patients, is constantly cared for by trained and experienced nurses.

Wing P

This wing consists of 3 General Rooms, each containing five beds equipped with health monitoring systems, 3 Private and Semi-Private Wards.

Critical Care

With a team of well trained and experienced critical care personnel, our ICU is available for a wide range of cases across the spectrum, from neonates to the elderly population.

Maternity Ward

A combination of general wards, private and semi private homelike room with 11 beds. The Wards include the 4 bedded first stage and 2 delivery rooms . Each private and semi private room has ensuite bathroom, portable bed for your baby, sleeping couch for your support person, phone, and TV.

Paediatric Ward

Paediatric Ward encompasses 16 fully equipped Paediatric specific beds in a general ward with each bed partitioned for privacy. The ward also has 4 Private Rooms to enhance the friendly environment and restore your child's health.

Medical Centre - Aga Khan Health Services Mombasa

Physical and Rehabilitative Medicine

Our ultra modern Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Centre offers the latest interventions in physical, speech, occupational and hydrotherapy for both in-patient and out-patient. Our dedicated team of professionals are available on booking.

Specialty Care Services

Physicians specializing in their fields provide high-level service to the patients at our hospital. Each of our Specialists is ably assisted by fully trained nurses to cater to the patients' needs.

Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic Services





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Hospital Admission

Prepare for your hospital stay

  • Before you arrive to the Hospital for Admission
  • What to Bring to the Hospital
  • What you can expect when you arrive at the hospital gery.
  • What You Can Expect During Hospital Discharge

Billing & Financial Services

  • Emergrency Services Billing
  • Behind emergency ward, Next to Emergency Pharmacy

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Vanga Road,
off Likoni Road
P.O.Box: 83013

Code: 80100 Mombasa

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Fax : +254 41 216 1000


Emergency hotline :
+254 714 524 948
+254 41 505 1000/ +254 41 216 1000