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Celebrating over 90 years of existence in Tanzania, the clinics and hospitals of the Aga Khan Health Service make the Service the longest serving not-for-profit private health care institution in Tanzania. It established its first health Dispensary in Dar es Salaam in 1929.

Sisawo Konteh

Sisawo Konteh

Chief Executive Officer, Aga Khan Health Service, Tanzania

Aga Khan Health Service, Tanzania (AKHS, T) has been providing accessible, high-quality, cost-effective healthcare services to the people of Tanzania for over 90 years.

We strive to improve access to care, innovation, and multidisciplinary medicine, while strengthening our local health system to provide impactful care to everyone who needs it. Our staff and physicians take unwavering pride in their work, and dedicate themselves to providing compassionate support at uncompromising standards.

Some highlights of our impact include:
Expanding Access to Equitable Healthcare Through an Integrated Health System. Our 'Hub & Spoke' model drives increased access to affordable, high-quality services by linking Aga Khan Hospital’s tertiary care services as the central hub to Aga Khan Hospital, Mwanza which serves as the sub hub, and our Health Centres that serve as spokes providing a unified continuum of care.

Driving a Quality and Patient Safety Agenda: The Aga Khan Hospital, Dar-es-Salaam is the only hospital in Tanzania to achieve Joint Commissioned International (JCI) accreditation, and other credentials in Laboratory (Southern African Development Community Accreditation Services -SADCAS) and OHCs (SafeCare). As part of our integrated health system we work closely with Government and other stake holder through partnerships.

Improving Health Sciences Education: AKHS, T continues to strengthen its postgraduate medical education programmes leading to a Master of Medicine, offering specialisation in different clinical disciplines.

Contributing to the Climate Change and Net Zero Agenda: AKHS, T has implemented various initiatives to drive an environmentally-sustainable health system by reducing the greenhouse emissions aiming at Net Zero by 2030.

I am honoured to lead this great organisation and privileged to have an exceptional team that is passionate about providing the best care for patients. We are poised to serve better, achieve more, and make a positive difference to our patients and community.

Heads of Departments

Dr. Harrison Chuwa

Medical Director and Oncologist

Aika Mongi

Head of Nursing

Dr. Sherin Kassamali

Head of Accident and Emergency Department

Dr. Athar Ali

Head of Surgery Department

Dr. Kamran Hameed

Head of Internal Medicine Department

Dr. Mariam Noorani

Head of Paediatric Department

Dr. Miriam Mgonja

Head of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department

Dr. Faisal Hashwani

Head of Dental and Implantology Department

Dr. Ahmed Jusabani

Head of Radiology Department

Mujahid Valji

Chief Pharmacist

Dr. Caroline Ngimba

Head of Pathology Department

Fatma Ayubu

Head of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department

Accident & Emergency Services

24 Hour Emergency Care : Our Accident & Emergency Department caters to Emergency and Urgent Health needs. A team of well-trained doctors, nurses, and specialists are available to offer services to paediatric and adult patients.

Contact: Emergency hotline: +255 782 004 001
Telephone: +255 22 211 5151/53
Address: Ocean Road Barrack Obama Drive Ufokoni Street

Acute Abdominal and Urologic Emergencies

Cardiac Emergencies

Infectious Diseases & Toxicological Emergencies

Isolation Room

Metabolic and Endocrine Emergencies

Neurological Emergencies

Paediatric Emergencies

Microscope AKHS

Point of Care Testing

Pregnancy and Obstetrics Emergencies

Respiratory Emergencies

Resuscitation Services

AKHS Patient


Patient Care Facilities


The Pavilion offers a nurturing medical environment intended as a ”healing get-away” for patients and their families.

Semi-Private Ward

A fully medically equipped room, shared by two patients, is constantly cared for by trained and experienced nurses.

General Ward

General Ward consists of 16 Rooms, each containing five beds equipped with health monitoring systems.

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)/ Coronary Care Unit (CCU)

21 Intensive Care Rooms including 4 rooms for Paediatrics and 4 rooms for Neonatal; each patient is cared for by a team of well trained and experienced critical care personnel.

Labour Room

5 State-of-the-art Labour rooms.

Maternity Ward

A combination of general wards, private and semi private homelike room with 11 beds. The Wards include the 4 bedded first stage and 2 delivery rooms . Each private and semi private room has an ensuite bathroom, portable bed for your baby, sleeping couch for your support person, phone, and TV.

Paediatrics ward

Paediatric Ward encompasses 32 Fully equipped Paediatric specific beds.

Specialty Care Services

Physicians specializing in their fields provide high-level service to the patients at our hospital. Each of our Specialists is ably assisted by fully trained nurses to cater to the patients' needs.

Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic Services





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Hospital Admission

Prepare for your hospital stay

  • Before you arrive to the Hospital for Admission
  • What you can expect when you arrive at the hospital
  • What to bring to the Hospital
  • What NOT to bring to the Hospital

Billing & Financial Services

  • Emergency Services Billing
  • Behind emergency ward, Next to Emergency Pharmacy

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