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Why Outreach Matters

Health Centres are critical to the network we have established in Afghanistan as they allow us to make connections with people who need access to quality healthcare right within the communities in which they live.

Bamyan: Basic Health Centres (BHCs)

Bamyan: Basic Health Centres (BHCs)


Koprok BHC
Guli BHC
Kawshaw BHC
Pajandoor BHC
Jawqol BHC
Haiderabad BHC
Bandi Kosa BHC
Shinia Akhzarat BHC
Doab-e-Mekhe Zarin BHC
Ghandak BHC
Hajar BHC
Kaloo BHC
Shumbul BHC
Syahdarah BHC
Warzaq BHC
Dasht-e-Safed BHC
Sar-e-Qol BHC
Bayani BHC
Zardsang BHC
Regjoye Ulya BHC
BAM Prison BHC

Bamyan: Comprehensive Health Centres (CHCs)

Bamyan: Sub Health Centres (SHCs)

Badakhshan: Basic Health Centres (BHCs)

Badakhshan: Comprehensive Health Centres (CHCs)

Badakhshan: Sub Health Centres (SHCs)