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Celebrating over 90 years of existence in Tanzania, the clinics and hospitals of the Aga Khan Health Service make the Service the longest serving not-for-profit private health care institution in Tanzania. It established its first health Dispensary in Dar es Salaam in 1929.

Mwanza Dental Aga Khan Hospital, Mwanza
Sisawo Konteh

Sisawo Konteh

Chief Executive Officer

The Aga Khan Hospital, Mwanza has served the region’s community for 70 years. It started as a maternity home in 1948, became a dispensary in 1960 and later upgraded to Primary Medical Centre (PMC) in 1963. The Centre was expanded and upgraded to a full-fledged Hospital in August 2020 (as a sub-hub) with specialized care in Internal Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, and Paediatrics.

The aim is to fulfil AKHST’s vision of developing integrated health systems and providing more accessible, available, and affordable health care. It is a sub-hub to a network of four health centres (spokes) spread across four locations; Bukoba, Bunda, Kahama and Geita. The Hospital and Health Centres (HCs) aims to strengthen health systems and provide geographic access and utilization of health care services for all levels of the population and offer financial access, especially to the low-income bracket of the catchment population.

Head of Departments

Edward McAyako

Head of Mwanza Cluster

Dr. Bernadin Ngaila

Medical Officer-in-Charge_Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

AKH,Mwanza Paulina Mkakilwa HoD Nursing PrayGod Mushi

Paulina Mkakilwa

Head of Nursing

Dr. Daniel Charles

Head of Optometry

AKH,Mwanza Faisal Hooda Head of Internal Medicine PrayGod Mushi

Dr. Faisal Hooda

Head of Internal Medicine

Dr. Mathias E. Mwandu

Head of Surgery

Dr. Ibrahim Ponza

Head of Physiotherapy

Dr. Iris Matei

Head of Accident & Emergency

Dr. Joseph Lulengo

Head of Paediatric

Dr. Lucy Kapesa

In Charge of In-patient

Accident & Emergency Services

Contact : +255 686 634 540
Address : Miti Mirefu Street, P.O. Box 692, Mwanza

24 Hour Emergency Care with dedicated team of doctors and nurses

Acute Abdomen and Urologic Emergencies

Cardiac Emergencies

Infectious Diseases and Toxicological Emergencies

Metabolic and Endocrine Related Emergencies

Neurological Emergencies

Pediatric Emergencies

Pregnancy and Obstetrics Related Emergencies

Resuscitation Services

Respiratory Emergencies

AKHS Patient


Patient Care Facilities

Semi-Private Ward

A fully medically equipped room, shared by two patients, is constantly cared for by trained and experienced nurses.

General Ward

General Ward consists of 5 Rooms, each containing four beds equipped with health monitoring systems.

Neonatal High Dependence Unit

2 beds capacity, medically equipped room shared by two patients.

Specialty Care Services

Physicians specializing in their fields provide high-quality service to the patients who visit our hospital, supported by trained and experienced nurses who have specific expertise in their respective fields.

Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic Services





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Hospital Admission

Prepare for your hospital stay

  • Before you arrive to the Hospital for Admission
  • What to Bring to the Hospital
  • What you can expect when you arrive at the hospital gery.
  • What You Can Expect During Hospital Discharge

Billing & Financial Services

  • Emergrency Services Billing
  • Behind emergency ward, Next to Emergency Pharmacy

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Phone: +255 686 364 540